Etiquette 101

Standard Table Setting
Above shows a standard table setting.  Settings will vary depending on the type of food that is to be served.  Handling utensils and glasses may be added or removed upon ordering in a restaurant.
If you are dining in a private home or at an event, expect that all of the handling utensils and glasses set out will be used.  If you are unsure which utensil to use first, wait for your host or hostess to begin the meal, which is customary anyway, or begin with the fork placed at the outer left of the plate and work your way in as the courses arrive.
 Utensil Placement During and after the Meal
continental Style
Placing your utensils in the pictured positions will tell your server if you are just resting or finished with your meal.
Never allow your utensils to touch the table and place all utensils meant for the course onto the plate regardless if they were used or not when you have finished the course.

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