Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sharing on Facebook: The Daily Dilemma

I have heard a statement regarding Facebook more than a few times. "Facebook isn't real." Well, I can only speak for myself and those that I share my page with.  It is real.  What ever I chose to share with my Facebook family is likely a real event, place, thought, deed, photo or current world event or feeling.   My family is real, so are my kids, my job and my friends.
I try to maintain some kind of order on my page and I am very selective about who is invited to be on it.  On my personal Facebook you will not find my boss, managers or other colleagues.  My own kids are only allowed on it because they are adults, otherwise I do not allow children on my page. So how do you handle request from a child?  First you have to decide if your page is child friendly and consulting with the parents if they are not your own would be wise. Allowing a kid on your page now forces you to be extremely cautious about what you post which maybe difficult if you typically post with abandon.
So what about your boss or a manager?  What do you do if you get a request from them?  While some request could be ignored, this maybe one that you want  address personally.  You could say; "I received your Facebook Friend Request, and I hope you understand, but I declined.  My Facebook is strictly for family and close friends and I chose not to use it for business."
It is your job to keep your Facebook privacy settings dialed in and to understand how they work and how fan pages likes and groups work.  Before you like a page or become part of a group, you must first ask yourself, if this is something that you want to explain to a child, friend, parent or colleague.  Don't think that just because someone is not your friend that they won't see it.  Facebook privacy settings are becoming more and more complicated by the day.  What you may think is private isn't anymore, such as what you post in a public fan page or group.
Respect your friends
Here are some basic rules of etiquette to follow.
Ask before checking your friends in anywhere.
Ask before tagging pictures.
Ask if you can post a picture on your page of your friend BEFORE you do it.
Do not Friend Request people you do not know.
Don't extend invites for events without the host or hostess permission.
Before you spread more false rumors do a fact check.  Snopes is a good place to verify some of the false FB stories that pop up. Such as the one that Facebook is going to start charging a monthly fee.
Don't post important or bad news such as a death in the family.  Call those that need to know before it hits the Social Media Outlets.
Use caution when posting on a friends wall. If you think it might cause a problem or be misconstrued by others, then don't post it.
Use caution posting links on a friends wall.  Keep in mind this will post in all of your friends news feeds.  What might be all right for one friend, may not be appropriate for all of them.  Some links may be best shared in private messages.

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