Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank You Notes: When to Write Them and Why.

A month ago I celebrated my 50th birthday.  It was quite the affair, and small by no means.  I am blessed to have had 60 plus people sharing the evening with me Mardi Gras style.  The music, Creole food, and of course the famous Pat O'Brians Hurricanes.  Ooohhh La La~

Soon, there was a table over flowing with gifts for the birthday girl. No, I did not add "no gifts" on my invitation. My friends do what they want and adding it is no different than adding "Registered at".

Finally after all the hoopla, getting my house back in order and beating down the flu I was ready to write my Thank You notes.  Writing a personal note to each guest that kindly thought enough to buy me a gift was rather rewarding.  It gave me a moment to contemplate the gift and the thought that my friend put into finding it.  It was a private moment for me to tell them how much I appreciate their friendship as well as the gift.

Oddly enough, the reaction to the notes was amusing.  One friend told me she couldn't remember the last time she had received a hand written note in the mail.  That alone is kinda sad.  What has become of us...?

I try to keep up with Thank You's when appropriate and keep them on hand. It makes me feel good to let my friends know that their thought, gift or deed has not gone unnoticed.

Once upon a time letter writing and cards were nearly a daily affair in my life,  It is an art that has been lost due to technology.  Nothing  says "thank you" like a pen to paper, the scroll of a friends writing...

Do's and Don't  for Thank You Notes;

Do write them out by hand.

Do not write the same thing in each card.

If it was an important affair, Wedding, Shower, or other large event, mail them.

Make your card personal, acknowledged if they traveled to make your event, note the gift and how you will use it.

It is ok to leave a note to the host or hostess when attending a smaller affair, such as a small birthday gathering or Bar B Que for them to find later. I am famous for tucking notes into my girlfriends bags when they are not looking.

Do not use e-mail or other social media to send "Thank You's" for important events.

Spell names correctly.

If you do not like the gift, keep it to yourself.

Do not over thank someone.  Make your thank you appropriate to the gift or deed. Sending a text is fine if your friend bought you a coffee, sending her a 25.00 gift card to Starbucks as a thank you is "over thanking"

Lastly, be genuine.

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