Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Hostess Gift

The Gift
While looking around the internet for the most amazing hostess gifts, I realized that whomever is writing these articles thinks that in order to have manners and social etiquette you must have money.  Almost all of the suggestions I looked at came with a price tags of over $50.00. And many were near the $200.00 range.
I found a great page with wonderful ideas but a little pricey for most of the people I know. So I went in search of  a few ideas of my own. So let's get serious here with some realistic suggestions and a price that won't break the bank and wow the hostess.
Ironwood Cheese and Cracker Board
Cheese and Cracker Board
This Ironwood Cheese and Cracker Board is less than 25.00 at Wal-Mart.  Pair it with a great smoky cheese and gourmet crackers for casual get together.
The Aerator
This Red wine aerator is a great gift for the wine drinkers in your life.  This one ranges in price from just over $10.00 at Sears or a whopping $32.00 at Wal-Mart.  You can also find it on Amazon for just over $11.00 Pair it with a great Bottle of Red.  They really do work!
The Gift Of Yummy
Loaf Pan and Tea Towel
Bake a loaf of your famous Pumpkin or Banana Bread and wrap it in a Tea Towel of the season. Easy and thoughtful under $8.00. And you will be thought of when she has it with her morning coffee.
Art Glass Flower Vase

We love the big bold look of an art glass flower vase, but never buy them for ourselves and think little of them until we need one.  We find ourselves rushing around looking for something to put our flowers in that we just received as a hostess gift and wind up using the vase we received from the local florist on Valentines Day, less than spectacular to say the least. Keep on hand a vase or two that says WOW for a grab and go gift! A good size vase can cost as little as $15.00 and with roses from your garden is a special and inexpensive way to greet your hostess.
The Salt Cellar
Salt cellar
Salt Cellars come in a vast array of styles and materials, From porcelain, depression glass, wood or stainless steel from simple to elegant.  This is a cobalt blue depression glass salt-cellar that is available on-line for about 13.00.  Fill it with a gourmet or artisan salt, such as black, infused or smoked salts... Oooohhh La La
Note Cards
note cards
The hand written note is nearly out of style.  Why not help bring it back to life?  Give the gift of a beautiful set of note cards.  They are found everywhere and you can pick up a set of 8 for under $8.00.  Be a real gem and add the stamps, and a real friend, will add an address list of mutual friends for quick reference.  Check out these beauties from Target.
White Wine Carafe
White wine decanter
Help your hostess keep her white wines cool in the warm summer months with a beautiful decanter. Prices vary but I found this one for a deal on Amazon, Just Over $20.00.
Keeping a few items on hand will ease your own stress about bringing a hostess gift to your next get together. Pick them up when you find something at a great price and tuck them away.  You'll never be rushed and always remembered for your thoughtfulness.

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