Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Creating Your St. Valentine's Day Affaire

3 weeks until Valentines Day? Yes, and the good news is, this year it falls on a Friday.  But never the less, in your hustle and bustle you will most likely find yourself running out at lunch or on the way home from work to pick up a bouquet of half dead and expensive flowers and box of chocolates.  Nothing says  "I forgot all about you"  Like this last minute gift.

Valentines Day is a holiday that we don't want to pass by with out sharing something special with those who mean the most to us.

A romantic dinner with the whole family makes everyone feel special, or just something for you and your wife or husband.  The point is, to spend the time to make it special.

Dinner out at a crowded restaurant on Valentines Day, is not my idea of romantic, but dinner at home for two is!  The possibilities for romance at home are endless.  From Appetizers and wine before, dinner, to a professional massage, a warm candle lit bath scented with lavender oil and rose petals. While this may sound cliché, when was the last time you had a truly romantic night just you two?

Make it an old fashioned family night, a romantic dinner with the kids.  How special will they feel having a candlelight dinner with mom and dad even if it's over Mac and Cheese? Set the table properly with all the necessary flatware, glassware, and folded napkins.  This is a great opportunity to teach proper dining etiquette and make them feel special and grown up. New jammies for everyone with Valentine candy for the kids, Fun lighting and a movie... oh what family fun!

Are you getting ready to ask her "The Big Question"?  This is something that you want to be memorable and special is every single way with no detail over looked!  Planning this event should be planned out as carefully as the actual wedding.  Regardless if it is a shared event with family and friends, or sitting on a park bench just you two.  Make it memorable, make it special. Don't leave a single detail to chance.

Think outside the box, and well if it is too overwhelming..., message me.  I have you covered!

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